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C7® models supplied by Southwire Company, LLC, May 2017. C7® conductor, Southwire's newest high temperature low sag (HTLS) offering, is recommended for both high capacity new builds and re-conductorings. C7® conductors are rated for continuous operation at 180°C, and for limited-time emergency operation up to 225°C.

All of the cable models that Power Line Systems has are posted on this site. If you do not find the cable you are looking for then you can contact the manufacturer and ask them for a cable file or create your own as described in section 9.2 of the PLS-CADD manual.

Once you find the conductor you want simply click on it to copy it to your computer.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: These files are being provided on an "as-is" basis. Power Line Systems, Inc. accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the data herein, and the PLS-CADD end user is responsible for the use and verification of all data obtained in this library.

      Name                                        Last modified      Size  Description
Parent Directory - 795.0_kcmil_26-7_ACCS-C7.wir 21-Sep-2017 09:22 577 795.0_kcmil_26-7_ZTACCR-C7.wir 12-May-2017 09:51 587 995.0_kcmil_Type_13_ACCS-TW-C7.wir 21-Sep-2017 09:22 587 630.0_kcmil_Type_21_ACCS-TW-C7.wir 21-Sep-2017 09:22 588 795.0_kcmil_Type_17_ACCS-TW-C7.wir 21-Sep-2017 09:22 590 505.9_kcmil_Type_26_ACCS-TW-C7.wir 21-Sep-2017 09:22 592 886.9_kcmil_Type_15_ACCS-TW-C7.wir 21-Sep-2017 09:22 594 995.0_kcmil_Type_13_ZTACCR-TW-C7.wir 12-May-2017 09:51 597 1165.9_kcmil_Type_11_ACCS-TW-C7.wir 21-Sep-2017 09:22 599 795.0_kcmil_Type_17_ZTACCR-TW-C7.wir 12-May-2017 09:51 599 886.9_kcmil_Type_15_ZTACCR-TW-C7.wir 12-May-2017 09:51 600 630.0_kcmil_Type_21_ZTACCR-TW-C7.wir 12-May-2017 09:51 601 1165.9_kcmil_Type_11_ZTACCR-TW-C7.wir 12-May-2017 09:51 602 1281.6_kcmil_Type_10_ZTACCR-TW-C7.wir 12-May-2017 09:51 602 505.9_kcmil_Type_26_ZTACCR-TW-C7.wir 12-May-2017 09:51 603 1281.6_kcmil_Type_10_ACCS-TW-C7.wir 21-Sep-2017 09:22 604 245.0_kcmil_Type_23_ZTACCR-TW-C7-Hybrid.wir 21-Sep-2017 09:22 615 300.3_kcmil_12-4+3_ZTACCR-C7-Hybrid.wir 12-May-2017 09:51 619