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Products and 2018 Price List

Our software automates the calculation of design loads and the checking of strength according to most international standards (ASCE, NESC, IEC, CENELEC, etc.). This has been possible because of Power Line Systems close involvement over the past 30 years with the organizations that developed these standards and the feedback from the electric companies that require their use.

Price list for single user licenses for software available from Power Line Systems. All programs require Microsoft Windows (supported versions include Vista, 7, 8 and 10 both 32 and 64 bit). The prices do not include customs import fees or taxes which the user may have to pay. Prices are subject to change without notice. All prices are in U.S. dollars. For additional details including hardware requirements please see Frequently Asked Questions regarding the purchase of PLS software.

For more information and/or ordering instructions, please call or email.

PLS-CADD The standard edition of PLS-CADD is a line design program that includes all the terrain, sag-tension, loads, clearances and drafting functions necessary for the design of an entire power line. Also includes PLS-CADD/LITE and PLS-CADD/ULTRALITE, but not any of the other items listed below (compare editions). $9,500
Optimum spotting option: enables automatic selection of structure locations and types for the least cost design of a line $4,000
SAPS finite element sag-tension option: provides a superior alternative to the built-in ruling span sag-tension $2,500
PLS-CADD/LITE Simplified edition of PLS-CADD for calculation of sags and tensions in a single span, thermal ratings and structure loading trees for a single structure. Included at no charge with the standard edition (compare editions).
Includes PLS-CADD/ULTRALITE, but does not include the terrain modeling, material or drafting functions of the standard edition and is based on the ruling span concept. (PLS-CADD/LITE does not open or act as a viewer for PLS-CADD Standard edition models)
PLS-CADD/SURVEY Surveyor's edition of PLS-CADD that provides terrain modeling and drafting capabilities, but not structure spotting, loads, clearances, or sag-tension (compare editions). $2,000
TOWER TOWER analyzes, designs and optimizes steel lattice towers for transmission and substation applications. $3,500
The separate EDF/RTE option for French design practices $2,000
PLS-POLE PLS-POLE analyzes and designs structures with wood, laminated wood, steel, concrete or fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) poles, or modular aluminum masts.
(Replaces our earlier CPOLE, CFRAME, SPOLE, SFRAME, WPOLE, WFRAME, and GMAST programs)
PLS-POLE/WOOD for analysis and design of wood poles$2,500
PLS-POLE/STEEL for analysis and design of steel poles$2,500
PLS-POLE/CONCRETE for analysis and design of concrete poles$2,000
PLS-POLE/LW+MAST for analysis and design of laminated wood poles and modular aluminum masts$2,000
PLS-POLE/FRP for analysis and design of Fiber Reinforced Polymer poles$2,000
PLS-POLE/Integrated CAISSON$600
SAPS Structural Analysis of Power and communication Systems is the analysis engine that powers our other software. It can be purchased for standalone use to solve exotic problems. SAPS can act as a plug-in to add finite element sag-tension to the standard edition of PLS-CADD. $2,500
SAGSEC SAGSEC performs finite element analysis of cables using a linear material conductor model. We have provided a table that compares PLS-CADD/Lite and SAGSEC to help determine which better suits your application. $2,500
CAISSON CAISSON designs moment resisting reinforced concrete pier foundations and direct embedment depths for poles. $600

PLS-CADD is a very powerful and comprehensive program. We recommend four to five days of formal training in its use. Classes are regularly scheduled at different locations in the U.S. and abroad. Please see our training page for details.

Multiple copy discounts apply to licenses in valid support registered to a single operating company. Discounts for multiple licenses of the same program: 30% off full price for licenses 2 to 5, 50% off for licenses 6 and above.

Technical support and upgrades (via Internet) for a period of one year are included with your initial purchase. Additional support and upgrades may be purchased separately for 20% of the current cost of all installed licenses.

For more information and/or ordering instructions, please call, write or email. We do most of our shipping by courier (Federal Express or DHL). These couriers do not deliver to Post Office Boxes. We have to provide them with the name of the receiving individual together with his/her complete street address and telephone number. We will need that information before shipment.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the purchase of PLS software

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