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Integration of PLS-CADD and PLS-POLE with TAMIS® GIS and Asset Management System

Power Line Systems has been working with Power Engineers to integrate their TAMIS (Transmission Asset Management Information System) with PLS-CADD and PLS-POLE. The screen shots from TAMIS, PLS-POLE, and PLS-CADD below illustrate this integration.

The first screen shot is from TAMIS and shows that when an individual structure is selected it can be opened in PLS-POLE with a single click. (The pink line drawn to the structure shows the best access route to the structure as determined by TAMIS).

TAMIS Screen Shot with
PLS-POLE Icon Selected

Once the PLS-POLE toolbar icon is clicked on in TAMIS, the appropriate structure model is opened in PLS-POLE where you can obtain detailed design information such as pole sizes, cross-arm properties, cross-brace properties, insulator lengths and strengths. Design modifications can be made at this point as required. Additionally, any other information available in your GIS database, such as a photograph, may be easily linked to the structure file. The advantage of this method is that the engineer can now directly select the structure from within TAMIS without having to locate it by other slower methods.

The next screen shot is also from TAMIS and shows the PLS-CADD toolbar icon that can be clicked when a structure is selected. This function will open PLS-CADD as described below.

PLS-CADD is now open with the entire project loaded and zoomed onto the desired structure, in all four views: Profile, Plan, 3D, and the Plan & Profile sheet for that structure. A structure move can now be made and the effects quickly analyzed. Intelligent Plan & Profile drawings can be viewed and printed (see Creating P&P Drawings in PDF Formats). The possibilities are endless and using the engineering tool to change or check structural information is much safer than just changing a database form and hoping that it doesn't violate any engineering requirements.

Additionally, we have provided a way to use TAMIS from within PLS-CADD should the engineer need to find other information not normally stored in the PLS model, but available in TAMIS such as maintenance records, inspection reports, driving directions, original drawings, right-of-way information, etc.

As seen above, this method of using powerful engineering tools such as PLS-CADD and PLS-POLE to obtain information and/or make changes is much more effective than merely modifying a table in a database. Additionally, information kept in the GIS platform such as right-of-way base maps, quad sheets, aerial photography, etc. can be directly used in PLS-CADD, eliminating redundancy in information and guaranteeing up-to-date drawings should that information be changed by other departments. The functions used in the integration with TAMIS are available in the current shipping versions of PLS-CADD and PLS-POLE, and can be used by other GIS applications besides TAMIS.

For more information on TAMIS or assistance integrating your existing GIS applications with your PLS projects, please see Power Engineer's website for TAMIS at www.tamis.com, or contact us at info@powline.com.

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