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SAPS - Structural Analysis of Power and communication Systems

SAPS is a general structural analysis program that runs under Microsoft Windows. It can be used both as a stand-alone program and as a plug-in to supplement the sag-tension capabilities of our PLS-CADD program. Its primary intended uses are in the fields of transmission, substation and communication systems for which it has been found vastly superior to traditional nonlinear finite element programs both in performance and simplicity of use. Transmission, substation and communication systems often include cables in the form of conductors, ground wires, guys, suspension strings, etc. They can also include flexible bending elements which deflect significantly under design loads.

SAPS and its previous mainframe incarnations have been used for more than thirty years by hundreds of utilities, consulting firms and fabricators worldwide. Structures with many thousands of joints and elements can be handled. While this is sufficient to analyze most transmission, substation and communication structures, SAPS can be modified to support more elements.

SAPS is a completely integrated program with menu-based input, linear or nonlinear analysis capability and with easy to interpret text, spreadsheet or graphic summaries of your analysis results. The graphics displays deflected shapes (including load vectors) and can optionally show with user-selected colors the percent of capacity used for each component.

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