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Power Line Systems announces PLS-CADD Users Group Meeting Details -- Register Today!

Power Line Systems will host another official Users Group meeting in Sun Valley, Idaho on March 9th of this year.  This will be held at Elkhorn Resort in conjunction with Power Engineers' Line Design 2001 Annual Conference. The conference room reserved only seats 40, so attendance will be limited.

There is no charge for attending the Users Group meeting, but you will need to sign up with Power Engineers if you plan on attending their conference.  We will provide a continental breakfast and a light lunch, but you will be responsible for your lodging, travel, and all other associated expenses.

Listed on the right of this page are some major topics that will be covered. Eric Peyrot, Otto Lynch and Steve Weber will be present to answer any questions that you may have, as well as spend some time covering upcoming improvements to our software.  If you have any additional topics you would like to see covered, please e-mail Otto Lynch with your requests. Bookmark this page and keep checking it, as any additions or changes will be reflected here.

We hope to see you in March.

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So Where Is This Users Group?

Power Engineers will hold their annual line design conference in Sun Valley, Idaho at the Elkhorn Resort on March 7th and 8th. The Users Group meeting will use the same facility, so those of you that will be attending Line Design 2001 can stay an additional day and attend the Users Group.

If you sign up for the Line Design 2001 conference with Power Engineers and indicate that you will be attending the Users Goup, then we do not need to hear from you. However, you won't be penalized for signing up in two places, so please let us know that you will be attending our Users Group by registering directly with us today.

PLS-CADD Version 5 Preview!

Eric Peyrot will preview what we can all expect to see in the next generation of PLS-CADD. This will include a wide range of new drafting and export functions as well as our new program PLS-CADD/LITE. PLS-CADD/LITE enables easy modeling of Joint Use situations on transmission and distribution lines. One of the biggest additions in Version 5? We can’t say just yet, but it will be an “undoing” experience that thrills you!


The meeting will be on Friday, March 9th, starting promptly at 8:00 a.m., or whenever the last donut has been eaten. Officially, we will adjourn around 3:00, but Eric, Otto and Steve plan on sticking around for a while should anyone wish to ask specific questions or want to bribe them for possible future program additions.


7:30     Continental Breakfast (Catered in and provided by Power Line Systems)

8:00     How to find,import, and utilize USGS Data in PLS-CADD

9:00     PLS-CADD Version 5 Preview

9:45     Break

10:00   Introducing PLS-CADD/LITE

11:00   Using PLS-CADD for Transmission Line Rerating, Uprating, and Upgrading

12:00   Lunch (Catered in and provided by Power Line Systems)

1:00     Introducing TOWER Version 5

1:45     Summary of Recent Program Enhancements

2:30     What’s in the Future for PLS-CADD?  (User input requested)

3:00-?  Open Discussion


Joint Use with PLS-CADD V5 and PLS-CADD/LITE

New program and versions to be announced.

For nearly a decade now, PLS-CADD has had the capability to handle Joint Use applications. We will introduce PLS-CADD/LITE at the Users Group, which has a more user friendly interface and allows users to quickly model up to 60 attachments to a single structure for development of the resulting structure loads and equivalent ground line moments of the structures.  Used in conjunction with our PLS-POLE program, wood, steel, concrete,  and any combinations of these materials can be used on your single pole and multiple pole structures, and stub poles, span guys, in-line guys, sidewalk stubs, alley arms, and any other type of construction can be accurately analyzed utilizing a true finite element analysis. In addition, PLS-CADD/LITE will be integrated into PLS-CADD Version 5, which will allow users to consider Joint Use loadings on an entire transmission or distribution line at one time.

Make sure you are one of the first in the industry to see these exciting developments.


Use readily available digital data for preliminary line designs.

Discussions will be led on how to find, download, and import mostly free USGS data from the Internet into PLS-CADD.  This can be used for a variety of purposes from routing selection to preliminary line construction estimating to alternative base maps for final production drawings.  The techniques used to import this data can be used for a wide variety of other formats such as digital aerial photography and existing utility GIS maps and information.

Using PLS-CADD for Transmission Line Rerating, Uprating, and Upgrading

See how PLS-CADD was used on an actual project to perform an uprating study.

Utilizing PLS-CADD and data collected from aerial laser survey methods such as FLI-MAP™ and others, utilities can gather existing as-built information quickly and determine the actual as-built clearances and predicted violations under anticipated maximum operating temperatures. See how PLS-CADD can further be used to quickly find the maximum operating temperature on a span by span basis and to design modifications to mitigate violations.

Thanks again for choosing PLS-CADD.

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