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Summer 2018 Newsletter

In this issue:

  1. Version 15.30 Released!
  2. Classes and Events
  3. Web Site Additions
  4. Current Versions

Version 15.30 Released!

Version 15.30 shipping now: use Help/Download Upgrade to upgrade today. Several of the more significant changes are highlighted below.

PLS-CADD Improvements

  • Defining and Labeling Circuits and Electrical Phasing:
    Watch the circuits demonstration video.
    Read the circuits technical note.
  • Automated the creation of phasing diagrams with the new Drafting/Inset Views/Add/Inset Phasing Diagram... command (watch a video demonstration)
  • Added "EN50341-3-2:2001 Belgium NNA" and "EN50341-2-9:2017 UK NNA" wind loading options
  • LAS 1.4 support

  • Optimum Body and Leg Extension Selection with grillage foundation considerations
    Watch the optimum body and leg extension video.
    Read the technical note.
  • Thermal rating calculations using TNSP 2009 (for Australia).
  • Numerous KML/KMZ Export improvements that result in better visual fidelity
  • Many more improvements described in the detailed change list accompanying upgrades.

PLS-POLE Improvements

TOWER Improvements

Improvements Shared by TOWER and PLS-POLE

  • Windows User Interface Improvements (see the video to the right)
  • Added EN50341-2-9:2017 (UK NNA) wind loading options.
  • Added Drafting/Inset Views/Pan, Rotate, or Zoom Inset Structure View command to graphically pan, zoom and rotate inset views.
  • Many more improvements described in the detailed change list accompanying upgrades.

CAISSON Improvements

We are looking for engineers interested in the development of zero sequence line constants directly from PLS-CADD. If you are interested in working with us on this new feature then please send us an email

You can use Help/Download Upgrade to upgrade to version 15.30 today.

Classes and Events

We have scheduled the following classes:

Other authorized classes organized by PLS agents and consultants:

New classes are added throughout the year based on demand. You may subscribe to a mailing list to be notified whenever a new class is scheduled.

Pleae visit with us at these events:

Web Site Additions and Updates

Current Versions

The current shipping versions of our software are listed below. These versions support Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10 (both 32 and 64 bit). We recommend you run a 64 bit edition of Windows so that you may take advantage of the enormous investment we have made in the x64 Edition. The 32 bit edition will cease being supported in 2019.

PLS-CADD15.3032 bit and x64 Editions
PLS-POLE15.3032 bit and x64 Editions
TOWER15.3032 bit and x64 Editions
SAPS15.3032 bit and x64 Editions
CAISSON15.3032 bit Edition Only

We strongly encourage you to upgrade to the current release of all the applications you own. To do so please use the Help/Download Upgrade command built into your PLS software and select the option "I need to request an upgrade code". This would also be a good time to use the Help/Check for Updated Manual command to obtain the version 15.30 edition of the manuals. As always, we welcome your suggestions and comments on our software.

Staff of Power Line Systems, Inc.

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