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Localization and Customization Features Available in TOWER and PLS-POLE

Note: Some of the features described here may not be available prior to versions 5.10 of TOWER and 5.29 of PLS-POLE.

The structure programs allow you to customize the format and language of your output as well as some of the user interface of the software itself. The following functions are available:

All of these customizations are stored in the schema file, named tower.sma or pls-pole.sma respectively, which is located in the application directory. You should make a backup copy of your schema file whenever you made significant changes to it. The schema file is application specific and is used for all your projects.

Strings and tables will not be available for customization until after you've run at least one analysis.

Substituting Your Own Manual For Online Help

When a user clicks on the "?" icon in the upper right hand corner of the dialog box or otherwise makes a help request, the program displays the appropriate page of it's electronic manual. It does this by mapping from the section number associated with the help topic to a page number in the accompanying PDF file. The help index file, named tower.phi or pls-pole.phi respectively, enables this mapping. You can write your own manual and integrate it into the software by supplying your own PDF and PHI files. The PDF file can be generated from any word processor using the Adobe Acrobat Writer software. The help index file is a simple ASCII file that contains the table of contents from the PDF file. The PHI file format is as follows:

It is critical in any translation that the section numbers be maintained as they are built into the program and cannot be changed. For further information on using your own manual please contact Power Line Systems.

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