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Working With Finite Element Multi-Span Sag-Tension in PLS-CADD

There are situations where the use of ruling span based sag-tension may be unacceptable:

In such situations PLS-CADD can be supplemented with our SAPS program. You simply tell PLS-CADD you want finite element sag-tension and it automatically bypasses its internal ruling span sag-tension and uses SAPS instead. You tell PLS-CADD this by selecting an FE (finite element) cable condition or by telling it to lock the wire lengths in each span (Section/Modify "clip insulators- lock unstressed length"). You continue to work with the normal PLS-CADD display and reporting functions but your results are based on a SAPS analysis. The SAPS analysis is so well integrated that you can't tell you ever left PLS-CADD.

Telling PLS-CADD to use SAPS for sag-tension calculations

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