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Modeling a PhaseRaiser® in PLS-POLE

The PhaseRaiser® lifting system by Laminated Wood Systems, Inc. (http://www.lwsinc.com/phase-raiser/information) is one method of raising structures for lines that have existing groundline clearance problems or need to increase line capacity. A PhaseRaiser® can easily be added into a new or existing PLS-POLE structure model. The following are step by step instructions and some tips for inserting a PhaseRaiser® on a single pole structure in PLS-POLE. For H-Frame or other multi-pole structures, the steps are nearly identical.

The following procedure has been depreciated. Starting with PLS-POLE version 10.74 you should simply use Geometry/Miscellaneous/PhaseRaiser Wizard to insert a phase raiser in one simple step.

Procedure for versions of PLS-POLE prior to version 10.74:

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