Do you own Transmission Lines

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Do you own Transmission Lines?


Do you know what your line ratings are?  Do you really know?  Do you know how to increase them?
Do you know your old records are correct?  Do you know the best methodology for plan compliance?


  NERC thinks you should know and have a plan to know! Is your plan ready?

Press Release: October 7 2010


NERC Issues Facility Ratings Methodology Alert to Industry

“...There are more than 450,000 miles of transmission lines greater than 100 kV in North America, many decades old. It is understandable that there could be discrepancies between design and actual field conditions. Many of these transmission lines are in hard-to-access places. Fortunately, new technologies, such as Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) and Power Line Systems-Computer Aided Design and Drafting (PLS-CADD) allow entities to more easily assess their lines.“


Do you know where your conductors are?  Do you have your plan ready?


PLS-CADD is used by nearly all the transmission owners in the United States and Canada, and is actively used in more than 100 countries by utilities, consultants, fabricators, and contractors. Our ability to quickly produce accurate answers to these questions has made Power Line Systems the industry standard for overhead line design and analysis.


  Got LiDAR?


Use the latest in data acquisition technology for modeling overhead lines; LiDAR. We work with the leading LiDAR providers to develop tools that easily transform the mass point-cloud data into useful line ratings. PLS-CADD’s finite element sag and tension can match real world surveyed conductor positions when ruling span approximations simply can’t!





  Do you have to comply with FAC-008? Do you already comply?

October 7 2010            NERC Recommendation to Industry

 Consideration of Actual Field Conditions in Determination of Facility Ratings

“...Discrepancies exist between the design and actual field conditions of transmission facilities, including transmission conductor locations.”   PLS-CADD will utilize LiDAR to accurately model your lines and accurately predict the loaded positions using accepted engineering principals of conductor behavior. This will provide you security in the knowledge that you can report compliance to NERC with confidence. NERC is the North American Electric Reliability Corporation.


Are you using PLS-CADD?  NERC suggests you do! 





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