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2000 Program Improvements

At Power Line Systems we continually improve our software. Below we list some of the more significant enhancements made during the year 2000. Click here for improvements made in 2001 or here for the most recent enhancements.




PLS-POLE or TOWER Structures Can be Shown in the Profile View

The following picture shows the new PLS-CADD inset structure feature which lets you see the geometry of structures created with our structure programs in the profile view. These inset structure pictures as well as the structure geometry shown in the 3d view can be color coded to show individual structure member usage.

Terrain Text Auto-Arrange

PLS-CADD can now auto-arrange terrain text and labels to prevent collisions between them. The first of the pictures below shows the collisions between terrain comments that you get with the older versions. The next picture shows what you would get with the text auto-arrange enabled.

Improved Section Add/Modify and String Dialog Boxes

PLS-CADD has improved section add, modify and edit stringing dialog boxes with graphics showing positions of the various sets.

Structure Preview From File Open Dialog boxes

We have revised the File/Open dialog boxes in PLS-POLE and TOWER as well as all of the dialog boxes which let you pick a structure in PLS-CADD to show a picture of the structure. This picture is only available if the structure was created with one of our structure programs.

TOWER 5 and PLS-POLE Graphics Have Been Improved


Added EIA/TIA-222 plots to TOWER

TOWER 5 now has a plot of leg compression force vs. elevation.

TOWER 5 now has a plot of twist as per EIA/TIA 222

TOWER 5 now has a plot of out-of-plumb as per EIA/TIA 222

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