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Recent Program Improvements

At Power Line Systems we continually improve our software. Below we list some of the more significant enhancements made recently. These features are shipping and available for your use right now. To get started with these features simply use the Help/Download Upgrade command in your PLS software.


  • Faster finite element analysis for all applications
  • More control over FE modeling levels
  • Added Sections/Electric/Full Line Constants Calculator... that computes the phase matrices and symmetrical components (including zero sequence) for impedance and susceptance accounting for mutual coupling and ground returns
  • Additional speedups to Departure Angle Report, Survey Point Clearances Report, TIN average normal calculation, Terrain/Edit/Adjust H and Z, and point filtering

  • Defining and Labeling Circuits and Electrical Phasing

  • Read the technical note
  • Optimum Body and Leg Extension Selection

  • Read the technical note


  • CAISSON now embedded in PLS-POLE
  • Added Loads/Batch Import or Edit Concentrated Loads...

  • Windows User Interface Improvements


  • Windows User Interface Improvements

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