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2001 Program Improvements

At Power Line Systems we continually improve our software. Below we list some of the more significant enhancements made during the year 2001. Click here for improvements made in 2000 or here for the most recent enhancements.


PLS-CADD/Lite Using PLS-CADD/Lite to string wires to a PLS-POLE structure

A new, streamlined version of PLS-CADD used to quickly model a few spans. Developed specifically for Joint-Use type applications, PLS-CADD/Lite is the ideal tool for quick sag-tension, clearance and loads calculations.



Structure Clearances

The following screen shots show the new PLS-CADD Structure Clearances feature. This function calculates the minimum distance between all wires and all structures in your line. The output can be graphical as shown below, in a report and/or in a spreadsheet. It takes only a few minutes to determine the clearances for a hundred mile line (the time is cut in half for dual processor machines).

Here you can see the options available with this function and the results for one lattice tower. The minimum distance between the wires on the left and the structure lies along the insulators since the conductors are swung away from the structure. On the right of the structure you can see that the minimum separation can be controlled by several different parts of the structure: At the top, it is limited by the distance to the lower hanger, in the middle it is limited by the distance to it's own arm and at the bottom the limit comes from the distance to the tapered tower body. Note that this calculation includes the effects of dip angle as shown at the bottom right conductor.

Here you can see clearances checked to a guyed portal tower. The minimum clearance for the leftmost conductor is to the top of the arm. The middle conductor back span is closest to the bridge and the ahead span is limited by the longitudinal guy! The right conductor is closest to the latticed mast due to the swing towards the structure and actually violates the required clearance of 7.5ft which is why it is drawn in red.

Automatic Determination of Allowable Suspension Swings

The following picture shows results from the new PLS-POLE and TOWER calculator for determining allowable suspension insulator swing angles.

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